Thomas Wade Hoyt | About

A little quick history: In my late teens I picked up an old Minolta camera out of necessity as I needed to document the workouts of the Thoroughbred  horses the farm I worked on was sending to the local racetracks. The bug stayed and I went on to do portraiture, fashion, advertising, and political 'grip and grin' out of a studio on Capitol Hill. Toss a little teaching into the mix as well.
Now, all these years later, I find myself drawn to, and concentrating on, the beauty I notice in both graffiti and in old classic cars, rusted or restored. The inherent beauty of the southwest, the area I now call home, also gets recorded.
You might notice that some images have been 'worked' a bit to better represent what my eye pictured (forgive me for that) as I looked through the viewfinder. If I could paint I would but, alas, my hands just won't follow my mind's direction. 

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to contact me with any and all comments, pro or con. I'm always open to  betterment.
Thanks for dropping by!